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Genie Automata
Genie Automata is the next-generation home automation solutions provider for clients who seek a smarter and more comfortable lifestyle. As a trusted, premium brand, and a go-to online source for discovery and inspiration, we deliver complete and functional home automation systems through an extensive offering of smart devices. Our dynamic platform provides a comprehensive ecosystem connected to a dedicated app to effortlessly control all aspects of a smart home including components, scenes and automations.

Our Commitment

To empower our customers through the use of smart home technology

At Genie Automata our commitment is to enrich the lives of our customers through smart home technology. We achieve that by providing a unique combination of quality smart devices, a dedicated app, and the necessary tech expertise.

Social Impact

We believe our platform offers a positive change to our customers and the wider community
  • Safety

    Our smart devices help provide you with the sense of safety of being able to monitor your home and receive notifications to deal with any security issues. Get alerts no matter where you are for leaks, for leaving the garage door open, for smoke, for when someone rings your doorbell, or for if you left something plugged in that really should have been turned off before you left the house.

  • Efficiency

    Utilized in the right way our smart home devices can help you conserve energy. The ability to set when your smart home appliances, lights, or a smart thermostat will turn on and function will give you more control over your energy usage and positively change your energy consumption habits.

  • Convenience

    Effortlessly tell your appliances what to do for you. Through a voice command, a scheduled task, or the tap of a button, our platform will help automate the chores you now tend to do manually.